2022 Panini Black Football Hobby Box

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Sealed Hobby Box
1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack
2 autographs and 1 memorabilia card per box
  • 2022 Panini Black Football Hobby Box
  • 2022 Panini Black Football Hobby Box

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Black Football returns with more loaded content, new inserts, and fresh new designs, featuring the hottest rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft Class!
Look for limited memorabilia cards 1 per box, with Futuristic, Rookie Influx, and new in 2022, Starlight Materials!
New in 2022, look for the return of these eye-popping short prints: White Night, Regulators, and ForceField! Also look for the brand new Vanta insert!
Chase on-card autographs with the always-popular Midnight Signatures, Capstones, Smoke Show Signatures, Spotlight Signatures, and new to 2022: Night Lights Signatures!
Look for a new Autograph cardset in Iconic Impact Ink, featuring autographs from some of the NFL’s biggest stars in Trapped-Acetate!
1 Rookie Patch Autograph
1 Additional Autograph
1 Memorabilia
1 Parallel
1 Base
Find a 200-card base set, including 100 Rookies!
Find all of the current and future stars!
The newest addition to the short prints, hunt for some of the biggest NFL stars in Vanta! Also look for returning fan-favorites like White Night, Forcefield, and Regulators!
Starlight Materials
New in 2022: Chase the new insertStarlight Materials, featuring memorabilia from some of the NFL’s best veterans and up-and-coming players, Max #’d/150!
Night Lights Signatures
Light up your collection with the brand new Night Lights Signatures! Hunt for the brightest Stars from the NFL’s past and present!
Rookie Patch Autographs
Returning in 2022, hunt for the fan-favorite Rookie Patch Autograph, Max #’d/199!
Rookie Signature Materials
New to Black Football in 2022: Hunt for Rookie Signature Materials! Featuring some of the most dynamic rookies entering the League in the 2022 NFL Draft!
Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey
Returning in 2022, look for oversized jersey-patch autographs in Sizable Signatures Rookie Jerseys, and find all the top rookies from the 2022 NFL Draft!
Iconic Impact Ink
Brand new in 2022: Look for Iconic Impact Ink, featuring trapped-acetate autographs of the NFL’s brightest Stars!
Base Silver #’d/75
Base Sapphire #’d/35
Base Copper #’d/25
Base Emerald #’d/10
Base Gold #’d/5
Base Platinum #’d 1/1
Rookies Silver #’d/75
Rookies Sapphire #’d/35
Rookies Copper #’d/25
Rookies Emerald #’d/10
Rookies Gold #’d/5
Rookies Platinum #’d 1/1
Night Lights Signatures Max #’d/50
Night Lights Signatures Silver Max #’d/25
Night Lights Signatures Gold Max #’d/10
Night Lights Signatures Platinum #’d 1/1
Rookie Patch Autographs Max #’d/199
Rookie Patch Autographs Silver Max #’d/99
Rookie Patch Autographs Copper Max #’d/50
Rookie Patch Autographs Emerald Max #’d/25
Rookie Patch Autographs Gold Max #’d/10
Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum #’d 1/1
Rookie Signature Materials Max #’d/99
Rookie Signature Materials Silver Max #’d/50
Rookie Signature Materials Copper Max #’d/25
Rookie Signature Materials Emerald Max #’d/10
Rookie Signature Materials Gold Max #’d/5
Rookie Signature Materials Platinum #’d 1/1
Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Max #’d/99
Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Silver Max #’d/50
Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Emerald Max #’d/5
Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Gold Max #’d/2
Sizeable Signatures Rookie Jersey Platinum #’d 1/1
Starlight Materials Max #’d/150
Starlight Materials Silver Max #’d/99
Starlight Materials Copper Max #’d/50
Starlight Materials Emerald Max #’d/25
Starlight Materials Gold Max #’d/10
Starlight Materials Platinum #’d 1/1
Iconic Impact Ink Max #’d/50
Iconic Impact Ink Silver Max #’d/25
Iconic Impact Ink Emerald Max #’d/10
Iconic Impact Ink Gold Max #’d/5
Iconic Impact Ink Platinum Max #’d 1/1
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