2021 Panini Chronicles Football Hobby Box

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Sealed Hobby Box
6 packs per box, 8 cards per pack
2 autographs and 1 memorabilia card per box
  • Panini 2021 Panini Chronicles Football Hobby Box
  • Panini 2021 Panini Chronicles Football Hobby Box
  • Panini 2021 Panini Chronicles Football Hobby Box
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Returning to the Hobby in 2021, Chronicles will include: 2 Autographs, 1 Memorabilia, 4 numbered Parallels, 26 Inserts, and 2 Silver Parallels per box.
Look for updated Rookie photography in their NFL jerseys printed on Opti-Chrome in Score and Legacy Update!
Find the historically popular releases of years past withDynagon Rookies, Prizm Black, Panini, Gridiron Kings, Crown Royale, Timeless Treasures, Playoff Momentum, and Clear Vision!
NEW in 2021! Look for Flux Rookies, Plates & Patches, and Magnitude each with their own set of Parallels!
2 Autographs
1 Memorabilia
4 Numbered Parallels
26 Inserts
2 Silver Parallels
Find all of the best Rookies, Stars, and Legends from the NFL in the Chronicles base set. Find exclusive Parallels for each SKU!
Base Chronicles
Base Chronicles Red#’d/399
Base Chronicles Blue#’d/99
Base Chronicles Purple#’d/49
Base Chronicles Black#’d/25
Base Chronicles Gold#’d/10
Base Chronicles Platinum#’d 1/1
Base Chronicles Jersey Max#’d/199
Base Chronicles Jersey Prime Max#’d/25
Base Chronicles Jersey Tag#’d 1/1
Returning to Chronicles in 2021 is the always-popular Dynagon Rookies! Featuring the top Rookies from the 2021 Class, look for Parallels #’d from 199!
Dynagon Rookies
Dynagon Rookies Silver
Dynagon Rookies Purple#’d/199
Dynagon Rookies Gold#’d/10
Dynagon Rookies Blue#’d/25
Dynagon Rookies Red#’d/99
Dynagon Rookies Orange#’d/75
Dynagon Rookies Green#’d/49
Dymagon Rookies Black #’d 1/1
Prizm Black is back in 2021 Chronicles Football! Hunt all of the Parallels #’d/199 to 1!
Prizm Black
Prizm Black Silver
Prizm Black Purple#’d/199
Prizm Black Gold#’d/10
Prizm Black Blue#’d/25
Prizm Black Red#’d/99
Prizm Black Orange#’d/75
Prizm Black Green#’d/49
Prizm Black Gold Vinyl #’d/5
New to Chronicles Football in 2021Plates & Patches Rookie Jerseys! Featuring Jerseys and Autographs from all of the top Rookies of the 2021 NFL Draft Class!
Plates & Patches Rookie Jerseys Max#’d/399
Plates & Patches Rookie Jerseys Autographs Max#’d/99
Plates & Patches Rookie Jerseys Autographs Prime Max#’d/25
Plates & Patches Rookie Jersey Autographs Tags#’d 1/1
New in Chronicles 2021Magnitude brings you a mix of established NFL Stars and upcoming Rookies. Chase the Parallels #’d from 199 to 1!
Magnitude Red#’d/199
Magnitude Blue#’d/99
Magnitude Purple#’d/49
Magnitude Holo Silver#’d/25
Magnitude Holo Gold#’d/10
Magnitude Holo Platinum#’d 1/1
New to Chronicles Football in 2021Chase the best the NFL has to offer in Invincible Autographs, featuring some of the most iconic players in NFL history!
Invincible Autographs RedMax #’d/100
Invincible Autographs BlueMax #’d/50
Invincible Autographs PurpleMax #’d/25
Invincible Autographs GoldMax #’d/10
Invincible Autographs GreenMax #’d/5
Invincible Autographs BlackMax #’d 1/1
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