2021 WWE Heritage Wrestling

2021 WWE Heritage Wrestling

2021 Topps WWE Heritage Wrestling: First Look

After a 3-year hiatus, Topps WWE Heritage makes its highlyanticipated return, reliving the popular 1990 Topps Baseball design, with exciting new content! Look for 100 base cards & insert sets to collect. 2 hits per box guaranteed!

100 ROSTER cards featuring Superstars from Raw, SmackDown, NXT will be highlighted on the popular 1990 Topps Baseball design! 

Base Card parallels include: 

• Rainbow Foil (1:2 packs) 

• Green (numbered to 99) • Blue (numbered to 25) 

• Red (numbered to 10) 

• Foilfractor (numbered 1 of 1)

Look for insert sets to collect! 

WWE Allen & Ginter – 30 of the most recognizable names in WWE history featured on the popular Allen & Ginter design. 

Superstar Stickers – Collect WWE stickers featuring Superstars, logos and exciting patterns! 

Ruthless Aggression Art Cards– Collect never-before-seen art from WWE fan artist, Willie Smith. Featuring Superstars from the Ruthless Aggression Era. 

Superstars Speak – Relive some of the most popular catch phrases from Superstars and Legends! A callback to the popular insert from 1987!

2021 Topps WWE® Heritage features 2 hits per box! 

Collect autograph variations of the Base set! 

Heritage Autograph Parallels include: 

Green (numbered to 99) 

Purple (numbered to 50) 

Blue (numbered to 25) 

Red (numbered to 10) 

Gold (numbered 1 of 1) 

Look for rare Heritage dual autograph cards! 

Heritage Dual Autographs 

Parallels include: 

Blue (numbered to 25) 

Red (numbered to 10) 

Gold (numbered 1 of 1)

Monday Nov 8th 2021

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