Pro-Mold 130pt Real Thick Size Magnetic Trading Card Holder with UV Protection

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Sized For:
Super Thick Cards
Card Thickness:
Up To 130pts
UV Protection:
5 Year 99% UV Protection


  • Manufactured by Pro-Mold
  • Holds Thick Trading Cards up 130pt
  • Perfect for thick jersey and patch cards
  • Super Strong Gold Magnets
  • Notched Arrow-head corners for protection
  • Features UV Protective Material
  • Made in the USA
  • The Highest Quality Magnetic Holders
  • The Pro-Mold Magnetic Trading Card Holder features a gold magnet that provides a super-strong enclosure, which allows the holder to stay closed when dropped while it's still easy enough to open up and put a trading card in it. This holder features a tab on the top of each side that allows you to use a quarter or set of fingernails to open the holder up easily. This holder also features recessed, "arrowhead" corners to protect the card's corners if you drop them. This holder is now made of a raw material that provides 5 years+ of UV protection to prevent the card and autograph from fading.
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